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A computer technician service at the customer’s home provides a solution to faults where the customer cannot clearly define the nature of the fault. In this case, the computer technician will check the source of the fault. Whether the malfunction is a network malfunction whether it is a software malfunction or a computer operating system failure. The malfunction may be due to a defective hardware component such as a hard disk, RAM, BIOS battery, and more.
Another service provided by a computer technician is the installation and setup of a new desk, laptop, printer and scanner for easy and convenient use in the customer’s home

Computer format

Install operating system

Virus removal

Computer software repair

Computer hardware repair

Mobile computer technician repair

Common malfunctions

An old version operating system that is no longer supported by the manufacturer

Operating system without security updates

Network card malfunction

IP address on a computer that does not match the IP address of the computer network and router

Invalid IP address

A different network mask for the IP addresses of the computer network and router 

An improper fan on the computer causing overheating

Power supply with low electrical power

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